Become a GlobalPittsburgh Host


Thank you for your interest in GlobalPittsburgh hospitality program. We hope that you will consider becoming a GlobalPittsburgh host and opening your home to international visitors to the Pittsburgh region. Our delegates - students, researchers, young professionals, emerging and current leaders - come from all over the world and the best way for them to gain first-hand cultural understanding of the people of the United States is to visit or live with an American family. This unforgettable experience provides a lifetime of memories for both the student and the Host Family members.

The mission of the GlobalPittsburgh's hospitality program is to welcome the international newcomers to the region, help them feel welcome and ease their transition from their home countries to the U.S. and its lifestyle.


Why become a GlobalPittsburgh host family?

  • Cultural exchange - learn about different countries, cultures and languages firsthand
  • Develop cultural sensitivity, understanding and appreciation of cultural differences
  • Make lifelong friends from around the world
  • Become an ambassador for your local community
  • Help shape the views that international visitors have of the United States and its citizens
  • GlobalPittsburgh provides monthly compensation for homestay hosting

You can be involved in GlobalPittsburgh hospitality program in different ways:


Home hospitality is one the best ways for international visitors to the U.S. to gain true insights into how Americans live. For people not familiar with American culture, one of their only ways of learning about America is through what Hollywood and our media produce. Shows such as Desperate Housewives, Modern Family, Dallas, and Jersey Shore paint a picture of Americans and our culture that is, in the majority of cases, far from the truth. Through visits to the US and home hospitality, we as American citizens and residents are given the unique opportunity to dispel many of the myths and aggrandized images about America and our culture.

Hospitality dinners are also a unique opportunity to get to know emerging leaders from around the world in a relaxed atmosphere – your own home – and visiting professionals are always grateful for the opportunity to experience American hospitality.

Large delegations are normally separated into pairs so that each host will have just a couple of visitors and their interpreter if an interpreter will be required. You are welcome to invite whomever you wish to attend the dinner with the delegates. The dinner should be whatever your family would normally serve and doesn't need to be fancy, catered, or be something that the visitors would eat in their home countries. The visitors are usually very eager to try American foods such as hamburgers, hot dogs, steaks, pastas, vegetarian dishes, etc. However, some of GlobalPittsburgh’s visitors may have dietary restrictions due to religious beliefs, but you would be informed of that well in advance.




Members have opportunities to provide homestays for international visitors who then have a more personal experience of the life and culture of the U.S. You’ll gain insights into the culture and country of your visitor, creating friendships that can last a lifetime. Many current U.S. members have praised the homestay experience as extremely enriching, enjoying the sharing of ideas with their guests. Homestays can be both compensated and volunteer depending on the program.