Membership Benefits For International Visitors

GlobalPittsburghCONNECT Membership Program serves to connect the international newcomers with the Greater Pittsburgh Community.

GlobalPittsburghCONNECT is a membership program for people of different backgrounds who share the love of learning about world cultures and meeting people from all over the world.

We are a network of over 600 globally-minded people currently calling Pittsburgh home!


For international students, interns, scholars, researchers, professionals, and new families, GlobalPittsburghCONNECT membership program provides many advantages:

* WELCOMING international newcomers to make them feel comfortable in the community

* EASING their transition from home to the United States and its everyday life

* CONNECTING with other international visitors and Pittsburgh's international and local communities and host families

* INTEGRATING into the Greater Pittsburgh Region’s cultures and communities

* ENCOURAGING development of professional and personal relationships between international visitors and the people of Western Pennsylvania and Northern West Virginia by year-round group activities and networking events

All of these factors enhance an international visitor’s stay in Pittsburgh, leaving them with positive impressions to last a lifetime.

GlobalPittsburghCONNECT offers group activities and events, including cultural and sporting activities and numerous networking events, to provide its members with a wide variety of memorable experiences with local residents and other internationals.

* First Thursdays Monthly Networking Happy Hour For Globally-Minded People
* Quarterly Intercultural Potluck Dinners. We will share ethnic foods, learn about other world cultures, play games and make new friends.
* Group Dinners for members, hosts, and friends. We will dine as a party in different ethnic restaurants throughout Pittsburgh.
* Discover Pittsburgh activities: museums, galleries, local farm visits, tours of places of interest such as Fallingwater or the Amish Countryside.

* Free & Discounted Tickets: over the course of the year, we offer the chance to attend cultural performances such as plays, musical performances, and sporting events.

* Thanksgiving, Christmas and Hospitality Dinners: host families invite members to their homes for dinner and conversation. All host families are supporters interested in sharing American culture and learning about the culture and traditions of other countries. Members may enjoy a traditional holiday meal with an American family.

* Homestays and more!

CLICK HERE to register online or contact Nadya Kessler at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..