Membership Benefits For Local Residents

GlobalPittsburgh provides value to the Pittsburgh region by forging international connections that provide economic, educational and professional benefits to local companies, institutions, and people. We create economic and educational opportunities for all by building connections and enhancing international awareness throughout the region.       

GlobalPittsburgh offers you the opportunity to be involved in this globally-minded community.

Individual and Family Membership for U.S. Citizens and Globally-Minded Fans of GlobalPittsburgh brings benefits:


* FREE admission to the GlobalPittsburgh’s First Thursdays Monthly Networking Happy Hour For Globally-Minded People

* FREE and discounted tickets to local cultural events and shows 

* Discount to GlobalPittsburgh's annual events 

* Invitations to free and discounted group activities

* Invitations to Intercultural Potluck Dinners 

* Opportunities to meet with current and emerging international leaders

* Opportunities to host international leaders in your home 

* Hospitality and holiday dinners hosting opportunities

* Homestay hosting opportunities (monetary compensation for homestays applies)

* Invitations to special receptions and events with visiting international leaders


Annual Membership fee structure:


* $40 for undergraduate students


* $60 for an individual


* $75 for a family


* $100 VIP membership


CLICK HERE to register online or call 412-392-4513.

Hospitality Dinners

Home hospitality is one of the best ways for international visitors to the U.S. to gain true insights into how Americans live. For people not familiar with American culture, one of their only ways of learning about America is through Hollywood and our media production. Shows such as Desperate Housewives, Modern Family, Dallas, and Jersey Shore paint a picture of Americans and our culture that is, in the majority of cases, far from the truth. Through visits to the US and home hospitality, we as American citizens and residents are given the unique opportunity to dispel many of the myths and aggrandized images about America and our culture.   

Hospitality dinners are also a unique opportunity to get to know emerging leaders from around the world in a relaxed atmosphere – your own home – and visiting professionals are always grateful for the opportunity to experience American hospitality.

Large delegations are normally separated into pairs so that each host will have just a couple of visitors and their interpreter if an interpreter will be required. You are welcome to invite whomever you wish to attend the dinner with the delegates. The dinner should be whatever your family would normally serve and doesn't need to be fancy, catered, or be something that the visitors would eat in their home countries. The visitors are usually very eager to try American foods such as hamburgers, hot dogs, steaks, pasta, vegetarian dishes, etc. However, some of GlobalPittsburgh’s visitors may have dietary restrictions due to religious beliefs, but you would be informed of that well in advance.




Who is able to provide a Hospitality Dinner?

Everyone is invited to provide hospitality dinners regardless of the size of your home, your ability to speak a foreign language, or the makeup of your family. The diversity of American family life is something we hope our visitors will experience and appreciate. We want them to see we don’t all live in mansions, though some of us might, and that we don’t all live with our spouse and two children; some of us are retired, single, or have parents, or grandkids, living with us. If you do happen to have kids, hospitality dinners can be a great opportunity to introduce your children to new cultures and people.

A few of our hosts are naturalized citizens who had been welcomed by GlobalPittsburgh’s hosts upon their arrival in Pittsburgh, and now they have joined as hosts to have the opportunity to share the warm experience they themselves had received.  

Hospitality dinners are also a great way to meet people from a country that you’d like to visit one day or have a curiosity and interest about.

A member who provides hospitality dinners will be able to make new international friends and contacts in other countries and help shape foreign policy one handshake at a time.




Homestay Hosting

Members have opportunities to provide homestays for international visitors who then have a more personal experience of the life and culture of the U.S.  You’ll gain insights into the culture and country of your visitor, creating friendships that can last a lifetime.  Many current U.S. members have praised the homestay experience as extremely enriching, enjoying the sharing of ideas with their guests.  Homestays can be both compensated and volunteer depending on the program.

For more information on how you can participate in this program, please contact Nadya Kessler at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 412-392-4513 or join online by CLICKING HERE.