IVLP: A Global Moment in Time - Peace and Justice

Jan 19
Jan 24
African Union, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Brazil, Egypt, Georgia, Liberia, Pakistan, Somalia, Spain, Switzerland, and Thailand

In January, GlobalPittsburgh welcomed its first professional exchange group of 2023: a multi-regional group focusing on peace and justice during this unique moment in global history. The group's objectives included observing the responses and initiatives of individuals, organizations, and governments to address injustice, conflict resolution, peacemaking, and humanitarian issues.

The group visited University of Pittsburgh, La Roche University Pacem in Terris Institute, and Duquesne University, speaking with faculty, leadership staff, and alumni on their research into conflict and resolution-strategy as well as university efforts to promote peace and justice on and through the university. The group also spoke with community support organization Voices Against Violance. In addition to professional meetings the group had a chance to tour the University of Pittsburgh Nationality Rooms, representing the pride and support to the diverse backgrounds which make up the Pittsburgh community, participate in a home hospitality dinner with Pittsburgh families and network with the local and international community at a GlobalPittsburgh Happy Hour.